I just had to share this tale of sustainability

It finally happened! - I broke my MPCNC

I was making the obligatory Christmas gifts, which in this case was 68 wooden coasters, I got about half way and noticed that there was a lot of vibration on the cutter. On closer inspection, the lower support had fractured and broken where the bottom of the router is. - I went back to my Tevo Tornado (3D printer) and sure enough the file (from about 3 years ago) was still there. Last night I printed a new bottom support and today we are back up and running. You have to love the sustainability aspect of having 3D printed parts. - You could say, “if it wasn’t printed, it wouldn’t have broken” however, everything is subject to fatigue (even me). I love this thing!!!


I agree! I needed one of the little wall brackets that hold a shower curtain rod to the wall, was a little annoyed the big box places didn’t want to sell me a bracket but would sell me two brackets and a new rod.

5 min. on Tinkercad, Print, Paint, Done! :grin: