I need some help with ESTLCAM and Repetier to try to figure out my Z-Axis Woes

Hoping someone could help me out here.

I have drawn a basic shape in ESTLCAM and configured it so that the Z-Axis origin is set to “Material Upper Side”
I have entered the routing toolpaths and created a NC file that I then copy and paste into the Repetier G-Code Editor

Repetier then shows all of the travel moves fine, but under the grid (I assume because it will be going negative)

I set the axis home (0 positions in the manual control) so that the numbers change from red to black zeros for X/Y/Z Axis’

Here is the problem:
When I run the program, the X/Y Move as they should, but the Z steps upward…
I looked at Repetier and manually jogged the Z axis +numbers run the tool up and -numbers run the tool down.
I assume that this is what I want… (For some reason it will also not let me go past zero into negative numbers)
I verified that the Z axis Max was set to 20 and the Min was set to -20 in the firmware.

What am I missing?


I don’t know anything at all about Repetier so I’m not sure what happens when numbers change from black to red? Try manually jogging the Z axis until the tool tip is touching the top of the material and then send a G92 Z0 command through you gcode sender. This should set you Z axis to 0, then try running your program.

You aren’t using my firmware? I enabled negative movements and it is also shown in the walk through.

  • #define min_software_endstops false (needed to machine in the negative direction)