I wasn't gonna make any of these

But one of the wife’s friends asked real nice. So now, these are things I do, too, lol!


Did you do that on the tiny build?


Hahaha that would be epic! But no, the 2x4 primo. Still had to use a second setup. Totally thought I had some more pictures of that, too.
Here is the good part. I drilled 3 holes through, 18 inches apart, first two into the wasteboard. You can see old endmills and a drill bit marking them because I hid them in the tick marks. Fixed them back solid with some 1/8 dowel. Moved 2 & 3 to 1 & 2, had a point in the cam set 18 inches to the right of the origin. Used that for the second setup origin and Bing bang boom. Spent more time staining and finishing than I spent carving.


This would be a great introductory project to write up in the docs. No pressure, but something similar to the estlcam 2.5D tutorial. This would be great information to have. We don’t have to map every way you could do this. Just marking one path from start to finish would be great. And, this project is cliche for a good reason. It is pretty popular.


Hah… I have one of those on my todo list.

The last house, we had all the kid’s heights on the wall. As the kids got older, we started making them write their own name. I took a picture of the wall and transferred all their hights to a 2x4 before we left. The plan is to take the picture of their names and convert them to engravings with the laser.

Use the MPCNC to create the ‘ruler’ and then use the laser to burn their names at the right spots.


I like the idea of mixing laser and cnc. I did it a couple times on my lowrider, because I could hang the diode off the vac port and measure the offset. Made things pretty easy. I’m not sure the primo would be quite so convenient, but I have another idea I’m chewing through.


More duct tape🤐

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I run two separate machines. I run a 10% power outline of whatever I’m burning to help align the part to the laser before burning the designs.