Ikea 23.5mm Tubes?

Hi everyone. I printed 23.5mm parts with nema23 mounts. I’m having trouble finding this diameter of tubing from my local shops. 25mm would have been a smarter choice. Anyhow, does anyone have a good tip for me what to order from EU friendly shipping costs? I was thinking of maybe Ikea has a table or something that uses 23.5mm hardware but haven’t found any diameter info.

Anything I could order from the internet? Colored tubing would be preferred.

Thanks ppl!


Their website says imperial and metric. Contact them and ask about the 23.5mm (3/4" metal tubing)

https://www.timelesstube.com/product/round-tube/ UK supplier

Timeless Tube

23 Kennington Road,
Nuffield Industrial Estate,
BH17 0GF

Tel: +44 (0)1202 666560


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Thanks I’m but not going to order somewhere that doesn’t even have prices shown + shipping from UK is bound to be expensive.

I sent them a quote request. I don’t know where you’re located so I can’t assist you specifically to your location. You can always get a machine shop to cut down a thicker tube or solid core to the right size. But I don’t think it’s as dire as you assume. What’s your location?


I’m in Finland. Most likely I will have to go to a metal shop or I could reprint the parts again for 25mm tube that is found everywhere cheaply. Curtain poles, electric conduit etc are all 25mm

Maybe these people can help you out. They’re in Helsinki

Hydro Worldwide.


Klovinpellontie 1-3

02180 Espoo


+358 9 86782820
+358 9 8678280

Here in Sweden we have 25mm at Biltema and others.

I think someone used shower curtain from IKEA.

I got my 25.4mm from Stena Stål. Proper tubes with 1.5mm walls.

Do you have it over there in Finland?