Illustrator Inlay


so I have recently downloaded adobe illustrator and I was going to try and make a svg for a inlay. The image I imported has sharp edges that can’t be cut with a 1/8 inch endmill. Is there a way I could round the corners of this imported logo??

Hmmm. I don’t know if an established technique. I’m no CAM expert, maybe someone will chime in with the right answer.

I am brainstorming though. What if you offset inside by 1/16" and the offset back out by 1/16"?

Another possible option is to use a vbit for the hole and the inlay and size them so it wedges in. Then you sand them flush. You have to nail inlays. I hope you post the result.

Two solid options.

A 3rd is using CAD and in a new sketch copying all the lines and rounding the corners (fillet).

My suggestion for cutting the pieces is at the same time, mounted in the same orientation. That way any slight skew will match. This should allow for tighter tolerances and less filler.