I'm gonna be rich! Mrs. Maureen

Woohoo! I’m gonna be rich guys! Mrs. Maureen came all the way to the V1Engineering forums to find me and offer me a very large sum of money if I will handle her finances for her and give her money away to charity for her. She is so nice.

Anyone else get this generous offer?

Yep, “she” has been busy in her 29 minutes here…

The fact that the email comes from wordpress@v1engineering.com makes me hope that was just typed into some field vs. it’s a real account that was hacked…

Hey Ryan, go change all your passwords. :slight_smile:


Johnny I got dibs and I’m not splitting it!


Nah, it was a PM so it gets sent from the site. This sort of spam takes some work, whoever did this went down the list of most recent posters or something individually. Deleted the account.


I plan on keeping the money. Screw you charities!

Hmm… I didn’t post anything recently and still got the PM. I’ve joined for awhile, but I lurk in the shadows =P.

I’ve finally got around to tackling the MPCNC, the parts are churning off my 3D printer this week. So may hear more from me.

Nah come on guys I am just a kid I need the money for school. I want my euros and I want them now!

Looks like at least j-m got hit. I also have a ton of emails and thingiverse comments but didn’t keep track of the names…

Is it wrong that I was excited to see a new scam that I hadn’t run into before?


It’s just a twist on the Nigerian prince one, but it had a bunch of new things like “bald cancer” and orphans.

im voting to give James Vietch an account and let him have some fun!

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I’m sure he gets that a lot, but if he’s willing to share the money with me, I’m in.

I’m sure he does, maybe we’ll split the $300,000 50% to Ryan, and the rest equally to all members?

So how should I respond to this.


To whom it may concern, I just received a suspicious email from: "Moureen Max sent you a new message: "From Mrs Moureen." at your website. This is a Scam!! I recently purchased some parts from your website and it is apparent You have shared my personal and private information abroad!! This is illegal and completely unprofessional and if you don't put a stop to it immediately I'm going to pursue this and You'll have a lawsuit filed against you faster than you can say V1!!! As far as I'm concerned you Have broken the law! Violations FTC rules for COPPA are treated as unfair or deceptive trade practices, punishable under the Federal Trade Commission Act. In addition if you don't contact me within 24 hours with a resolution I'l hand it over to my legal team and you'll be hearing from them.

explain how the forum account and pm’s work?

Patiently and calmly. Like everything else.

Mrs. Maureen doesn’t have this person’s information, they shared their email with you, and your system sent the email, so I don’t think you’re really in legal trouble. They will probably be calmer after the caffeine half life’s

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What he⬆️ Said!

Well it was a mix of all of the above. I explained what happened and how, but threw in a little thanks for putting a damper on my wonderful day with threats of lawsuits.

Good on you! If it should for some reason go ugly, throw up a petition, and all us happy members will back you!

My response “Settle down Francis!”. And it is very apparent that they dont have a clue what they are talking about. All the person is trying to do is start crap with you. You haven’t knowingly or willingly violated anything or broke any laws. They are also the one type of customer that I would happily say, “please feel free to return your products you purchased and I will provide a full refund”. I have no time or patience for asshats like that. They are exactly the reason for all the small print in everyones contracts.

I have offered full refunds to a few people…