I'm New! - Z axis and extruder working but x/y won't move

So I’m slowly building up all of the parts to build my MPCNC without making the wife angry and decided to start on the electronics. I have my Mega, ramps, motors and stepper controllers all hooked up and flashed with the Marlin software of this page. When I hook it up to either Ponterface or Repetier-Host, I can only get the z axis and extruder axis to move. I’ve switched out the motors / stepper drivers from x/y to the z channel on the RAMPS and they work so there isn’t anything wrong with that. In either Ponterface or Repetier, when I hit x home, I get a buzz from the stepper motor, but no movement. I adjusted my voltage on the drivers to 1.4 (prior to powering everything up), and when the z axis is moving, the driver gets warm but not too hot that I can’t touch it. Motor gets a little warm but not too bad.

Yes, I have the 100k ohm resistor in the D0

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I’ve attached 2 pics of my setup so far:

1.4 is too high. Did u remember the jumpers under the driver boards?

OK, I’ll lower it to .7 on the voltage. Yes, I did add all 3 jumpers under each driver.

OK, no luck. I lowered them all to .7 volts. Z axis spins slower, but x and y still don’t move.

It really sounds like you don’t have the jumpers installed, make sure they’re all seated properly, maybe they jarred loose or something. if not that then I’d check that you are supplying 12v properly to the power plug. check connections and voltages. maybe a faulty power supply.

If you have proper 12v coming in, then test the voltage while you try to move the steppers. if it drops low drastically, then you might be having issues with the psu.

Checked jumpers under x/y drivers and they are fine (pic attached). Replaced power supply and monitored voltage on driver when z motor was running and it doesn’t sag at all. Re-flashed marlin firmware and moved baud rate to 115200. None of this seems to make any difference

What speed are you trying to move it at? Too fast and nothing will happen.

If you got it from me it isn’t the board (shouldn’t be) its been tested. If you didn’t get it from me, There is probably a problem with your board. Look for poor solder joints, usually under the black pin holders. It does sound like it isn’t seeing your jumpers so start by checking the solder of those pins.

Triple check your drivers by moving your know good driver to a different axis.

I just got through a particularly nasty batch of boards, so many of them had too little solder, under random male pins. All different issues.

In ponterface, i am currently set at 200 mm. I didn’t get the board from you. I’ll probably order a new one just in case. I did eyeball the underside of the ramps board and it did have a few small splashes of solder that I took off. I’ll double check the solder joints under those jumpers… I have tried to move the z driver to x and it didn’t change, and the driver that was on x worked fine on z.

Too fast. Absolute max is 197mm/s, try 100 or less to be safe.

You are looking for pins in the hole without solder on them. They usually get soldered on one side, not the other. Easy fix if you can solder a little bit.

Wow, I ended up resoldering every pin I could reach on both the mega and ramp board. Hooked everything back up and it all worked! Thanks for your help. Hopefully I can order my pipe and 3d printed parts soon.