Image2gcode quality

I ran my first laser print today with image2gcode and noticed I am getting a cross hatch pattern in the burn.

Under Image:
Brightness 0
Contrast 0
Gamma 1
Grayscale 8 bit

Under laser profile is:
Power 0-100
Profile Wood (35%, 1500mm/min)
Allow feedrate override is checked

Under Gcode
Feedrate 1500mm/min
Diagonal Scanning

Any thoughts or tips?

Slow it down… That is ringing and/or try horizontal scanning. It could also be your pixel resolution is not quite right.

I have struggled with the cross hatching until recently. I do not do much wood work but have seen that on my mirror work. Engraving at 900mm/min engraving vertically fixes that for me. Slowing it down like this will cause issues for you on wood as it will darken you engraves a fair amount.

How big is your build? Do you get what looks like shaking at the Z axis during the engrave?


I just read about the resolution setting that you commented to on another post. I will check what that was as I did not change it.

My build is roughly 2 ft x 3 ft and I did notice a little shaking on the Z axis. The other item I noticed is that the diagonal was not a “single pass”. It looked like it was doing 3 separate moves on the longer diagonal runs.