Imperfect cutout

Cutting in foam was a great idea You can try changing from conventional to climb milling. Then the star will be too small, so you can add a finishing pass to clean it up.

Or slowing down may help.

Thanks Jeff
How do I do that in Estlcam? I can’t see it

I think the conventional vs. climb milling is in the machine settings somewhere. I always confuse them, but conventional is how I would use my hand router, where the bit pulls the router towards to work, which is good when you’re using a fence, and climb is the bit is pushing it away from the work, which is bad when you have it in your hands, but will leave any flex on the workpiece.

The finishing pass is in the toolpath, you need to pick an amount to leave and then define a finishing tool (and the tool determines the depth per pass). Something like 0.1mm or 0.2mm is enough to leave, and try to do a full depth finishing pass. The 1/8" bit cutting off something close to 0.2mm should be like cutting foam.

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Yep. Hit setup at the top and Basic settings in the drop down menu.

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About 90% of each of my projects is spent finding a good DOC and feed rate for the material I’m using.