Infill pattern for parts

Ive been doing a lot of reading here but have not seen (yet) what sort of infill patterns people are using for their MPCNC parts. I’m going to use Cura and have access to multiple printers at the same time at the local university where the student mob is not around much this summer ?

Are there any particular patterns that are favored for these parts for structural reasons ? I thought gyroid might be a good one but a bit of reading online has indicated it’s only marginally better than mediocre in compression. For shear it’s good.

Maybe it does not matter, but I’m fairly new to 3d printing and thought I would ask.


I just used standard triangle infill and results have been fine.

I use rectilinear, I think it is the fastest (?) CNC kitchen did a good video on infill and I Can’t remember the specifics but I know I stayed with rectilinear because of it. My parts are all mostly concerned with layer strength not compression or tension (think clamps). In the end I doubt it would ever make much difference in these parts.

Concentric is bad. I dont know of any others that would be bad.