Initial observations from a novice

Just getting to the final stage of my build using Viscious1’s kit which finally arrived in London UK after USPS decided to send it to Canada and back to San Francisco before crossing the Atlantic! Very impressed with the whole kit, engineering and the whole idea

1 I spotted that the Z axis spacer has an projection to orientate it but didn’t spot the one on the nut trap. Lesson is that if the conduit doesn’t sit in the rear roller channel the nut trap is probably upside down.

2 If you clumsily unwrap the stepper cables then the following can happen (see picture). The mistake is to rapidly think the untangling is obvious. In my hand it wasn’t and I ended up cutting off the end socket, sorting out the cables and then recrimping them. Out of interest the female crimps and housings are available from in the UK.

3 If you mount the ramps board in Allted’s lovely curvy case ( ) then make sure the press switch on the side doesn’t foul the hole otherwise repatier will think it’s connected but nothing happens.

Otherwise assembly went straightforwardly and all axis move under repatier control.

So 2 questions:
Using the Ramps curvy case in theory should the fan blow external air over the board or suck hot air out? I am a scientist so idiot questions like that are natural to me!

Does Estelcam replace repatier as the controller or does it just produce gcode for a controller to run?

That’s it for now, hope the idiot comments help future novices


I blow the air in, but now that you mention it, might be better the other way?

I only use estlcam to generate gcode as shown in all the walkthroughs.

Mine blows in as well.

Hi Viscious1,

Thanks for the response, successfully drawn my first crown so looking good. I am guessing that you don’t use a PC to control your MPCNCs but the LCD display and SD card option. Looking at the illustrations on the web and my nice curvy Ramps case I am guessing that the interface connector for the LCD doesn’t fit inside the case, correct? If so is there another design that will do the same job but also include the connector, I want to keep the display separate?


You can use a PC. I don’t have the display. I don’t even use the display on my 3d printer very often. There are a few cases on thingiverse that will hold both, I’m really digging this one.