Installing probe

HI can some one help me install a probe in a skr 1.4
With dual endstops

You just connect one wire to the router and then connect that wire to the Zmin (-). Then connect a plate to the (s). Check it’s working with M119. Home with G28 Z.

HI Jeff

In z min i have a endstop conected

Is this a mpcnc or low rider?


Ok. That gets tricky then. I assume you are homing Z down?

You can add another probe. Search the forums for G38.2. You will basically configure a z probe, enable G38, and then you cam use G38.2 Z to probe Z.

Yes i have like z1and z2 UP and down X router plate
Y1, Y2 front and back.

Ill try G38. 2
The skr 1.4 as o the board a plug that say probe is that plug and play OR not

HI jeffeb ive try this but it didnt work ive conected tu probe plug on the board