Insteresting Instructable on a sand table: very complete!

I just got this “notification” from Instructables and thought you all would enjoy it, if it hasn’t been posted before.
Kinetic Sand Art Table

It uses linear rails and a CoreXY system.



Saw that, too. Glad that he had a section on Sandify for creating patterns!

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Part 1 video:

@geodave pointed me to the video for it. I am hoping for more sandify in part 2. I like this creator. I want to make some of the led clock shelves he designed.

I didn’t see the instructables though. There is a lot more detail. It looks like he is using octoprint as the main logic board. I didn’t see where the buttons got connected. But it is nice to set up the playlist through OP. I need to try that.

Always nice to see sandify in the wild though. @bobnik


Very cool!

Part 2 is coming out today. The description links the ampersand one. I will be excited to see it:

27:00. Brief, but very cool looking tutorial on sandify for this table.