Hey guys, new to the lowrider, but have been following the process for quite some time on Thingiverse. Last night, I began the printing of the plastic parts, so it’s official, I’m building this thing!

I’m no stranger to 3D printing, or CNC for that matter, as I’ve had a Maslow for a while, and have made some pretty good process with the learning curve of CAM Software. One thing that really appeals to me about the lowrider is the fact that it uses the same CAM software (Estlcam) that I already use daily. Whew! Glad I don’t have to learn Fusion360 haha

I’ve been using Sketchup to design parts for 3D printing, and for CNC as well for years, and I feel like it’s time to move on to a machine that’s able to produce more accurate cuts, on the entire sheet, rather than a suspended machine that is great in the center, but not so much on the outer edges.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone, introduce myself, and give a little background info on me, so you guys could get used to seeing me around here! I’m sure I’ll be asking questions during the software portion of my build haha


Welcome. Can’t wait to see your build and projects.

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Can’t wait to see what you think, I thought the Maslow’s inaccuracies were just kinda overblown armchair engineers. I hope you find the LR does a good job for you!

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Thank you Jeff & Ryan! I’m so looking forward to getting this thing built! I’ll probably order the kits from you instead of trying to piece them all together. The only catch is, my wife asked me to wait til Jan 2nd before I spend the cash, so in the meantime I’ll be building my table, and getting all the plastics printed. So far I’ve got 8 pieces completed, and my next build plate is about to start on the 2nd printer. I can also offer printing for those without a printer if need be. Kinda my way of contributing, if you will.

Any good source to purchase the cut pieces? I’d attempt them on the Maslow, but… Well, accuracy lol

Cut them in the center, if they are not perfect they will be good enough to use them to make the LR and cut a new set!

Good a plan as any! Will do!