IPE (IronWood), dewalt 660, carving

45 degree 2 flute 1/8" bit

Ipe (Ironwood) -Use a respirator, I got sick from inhalation. Proud new owner of a really nice respirator http://amzn.to/2dhvyO4

4mm DOC, 8mm/s feed, 4mm/s plunge, 10% step over
Dewalt 660 75% max rpms set with external speed controller

Pre-525 updates, 3" Zaxis stick out. 25" x 25" Outside dimensions.

Proof haha

The link to the respirator doesn’t work when I try it.
I’ll just wear a mask if I’m working with it - I didn’t know there was wood that was toxic to cut - but thought you’d like to know in case you’ve got it there as an affiliate link.

Fixed thanks. I’m not sure how bad it actually is but I was cutting the heck out of it all day and getting my face right in it to film. I was so sick that night I wanted to go to the ER.