Is my Rambo 1.4 broken?

Hey, I blew the F2 fuse on my Rambo 1.4 and when I replaced it the y2 stepper stopped working. I tested the wiring and very thing is good. And tips or do i need 2 buy a new card?:frowning:

Assuming you’ve swapped the cables between Y1 and Y2 at the board to verify that the wiring and the stepper are okay, they you likely blew a driver. Unfortunately drivers are hardwired and surface mounted on the Rambo board, so it would not be an easy fix. Plus the problem could be something other than the driver chip.

One solution would be to rewire your rig to series/serial wiring, and only use three drivers. Beyond that, you are need a new board. I wonder if you can get a few bucks for your old board from someone who wants to do a serial/series build, or if you have a friend who wants to do a serial/series build. Rambos are nice boards, and the only thing lost doing a serial/series build is that you have to have physical endstops rather than being able to electronically home.

Yeah, I found out the one driver blew. But a friend of mine is going to repair it, already orded a new chip for it. but I did order a new card to just, to be sure my mpcnc is up and running:P

I did rewired them, but i had 2 tune down the traveling speed aswell because it jumped if the speed was 2 high. somthing it didnt do earlier.

thx for the input Robert

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