Is this a firmware issue or hardware?

Hello everyone I’m extremely new to this. I have never dealt with code or firmware. I’m trying to do the teaching tech build, I have an skr 1.3 with 5160 drivers. I have downloaded his firmware and kept having an error code when compiling the

firmware. I finally achieved it by replacing tmc platforms.h. I did this because of some info from the internet, not because I knew what I was doing. I thought I finally got it licked, firmware loaded. Now I have an error code on my display about 8 seconds after I power up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, remember I’m a newbie to all of this!

Can you connect a computer and run repetier host? I suspect the tmc drivers aren’t happy, and it expects to talk to them. The console will tell you what Marlin is mad about.

I can give it a shot. Like I said I’m very new to this. Do I need to have all the Stepers hooked up or can I do it with just the board and mks? Everything is in my shop and all i have is a desktop in my house.

I had the same problem. Are you using 5160 steppers? Watch the video from tt again he tells you to cut the third pin from the right on the stepper. Fixed mine.

Thanks Brett I will check it out! Which video was it? Building the lowrider or in a different one?

LowRider I think the 2nd video

Alright I’ll watch it again, for the hundredth time. Haha! Do you still need to cut the pin with the firmware you were talking about?

Yes. My steppers didnt work until i did that. But i didnt solder the ground like he did. Hope that doesn’t mess anything up in the future.

This is it

Awesome I really appreciate it! I bent the pins and now I have this error. Haha I cant win

Brett I want to think you so much for your help! I new it was something simple I just didnt have a clue what. I got everything moving now, had a couple wires crossed earlier. Made sure everything was in the right spot and I didnt get the code

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Glad to help


Stick around you two. We get a few skr questions per week, and we need the knowledge.

I’ll help as much as I can! I’m sure I will need more help

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