Is this corect size of IE-Roller-F

Hi, I printed with ABS. I know the dimensions are given for the PLA version but I like ABS more (and also don’t have any PLA). I scaled the model accordingly with the contraction factor (1.013 for my ABS type) so the dimensions are correct. However, the size of the IE-Roller-F is a little bigger than I expected. I scaled it to 1.008 and had the same problem. Even with no scale still having the same problem. I will post a small video and please tell me if this is ok:

Thank you.

Nope, too loose.

What size is your pipe, OD?
What part did you try and scale, the regular or IE version?

The pipe is 25mm (measured with a caliper).
I am printing the 25mm IE version.

I printed the Middle End and it fits perfectly (the original size, unscaled).
Probably I will get some PLA and try to print it again with PLA (although I like ABS much more).