Well, finally got the last wrap on the Z wiring and set 'er loose, I have me a perfect CROWN! Works great once I got all the right wires to the right pins on the RAMBo. Thanks Ryan and gang for all the help! first image is the whole shebang second is of the control ‘tower’.

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Sweet!!! That is two issues finalized a fixed in one day. Mon and Tues were really rough (yesterday was about 5 hours on emails alone), Wed is shaping up to be a great day. Glad you are on the success list!!!

You get some brownie points taken away for not showing us your crown…

Tried to but it was a video and too large. :wink:

Okay I will give you half your brownie points back for the effort. :slight_smile:

Vids are best uploaded to YouTube or some other service and just linked here…less work for my servers.

No suprise. That pictures you posted are >2 Megabyte, too.

Pen ran out of ink but Love the size!!

That’s pretty cool looking!