Jewelry box built video

I should remember to never use plywood for the project like that :slight_smile:

But then I wasted so much of it through learning attempts.


NICE! Wow, unique, looks great.

Was just about to start designing a jewelry box with a center pivot point very similar to this. The shape is very unique, cool design.

You should upload your fusion files or a DXF so that others can make it!

Great job!

Awesome work.

I suggest you to put some little pins under each tray, that way they will open up the next one automatically, you’ll just have to twist the whole thing to get everything opened and equally spaced.

Clay, I’m usually sharing all 3D models made via Thingiverse, however in this case I was replicating someone else’s work and am on the border if sharing model would be ethical.


Dui, great idea, I’ll hold off changing this build, may incorporate it into next attempt.