Jitter on Y Axis?

I see the Y Axis do a rapid studder or jitter when cutting. I am using arcs and first seen it when cutting soft material like foam and it does appear in the cut material. I verified the issue also happens when running without any stock under it.

This may only happen when turning a longer corner but I can’t be positive.

I have checked belts and bearings as well as free movement of the core. I am using the SKR 1.4 and 2209 V1.2 Drivers. Please let me know if there is additional info I can provide to help diagnose this problem.

Did you check the grub screws? Normally the culprit.

It’s not skipping steps, neverminded whole revolutions so I would not think this to be an issue.

Stutters and jitters often trace back to wiring issues.

Check that all connections in the wiring are tight have solid connections.

Does it happen only on arcs? (Wondering why you mentioned it) You can turn those off in Estlcam, and see if that makes the difference. If so, it may be an error in the firmware, or in the floating point processor on your board.

If it’s at random times, and particularly if it happens sometimes in pure X axis movement, I’d go back over the wiring to the motors.

Grub screws were tight. I will have to check the wiring but wanted to respond to your question on arcs. I had seen similar behavior on other machines that do not use arcs.

can’t tell if it’s random or not, it’s so fast my eyes have difficulty seeing it due to how rapid it is.