job length?

how long do you guys trust your machines to run by themselves? ive got a 15 hours run time im looking at, have done several mutli hours but dont feel like wathching it the entire time. its essentially a large engrave of a 4’ by 4’ mdf sheet.

Do you have a smoke detector above the cnc? I am thinking about buying two of these so they will talk to each other. If the one above the cnc goes off the one in the house will also. But I want to build a case for the cnc as well.

Personally I don’t want to risk my family or home safety. So I want an alarm.

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I’ve seen fire start within a minute of the router crashing into the wood. Leaving it alone really isn’t a good idea.


Thanks for the thread and responses. This is timely. I’ve got 10 4hr carves queued up and might have been tempted to leave things running if the first few went okay. Now I will not.

A 15 hour carve…that’s different. I’ve ordered a wifi camera and wifi power switch (I think it was Aaryn that mentioned that setup?). It should be here tomorrow so at least I can monitor from my desk while I work. I still won’t leave the house. Unless I install a wifi fire suppression system ; )

Hey! Check this out! Affordable Automatic fire suppression!

Edit. Here is a YouTube link to demo it. Jump to 46 second mark.

Edit 2. And another one where they take it apart and show how it is made and how it works.

Please never ever leave a a running router alone.

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Ok… man… I feel like a kid that just got caught trying to jump off the roof with a sheet for a parachute.

Did you see 2:01 in the first vid? Who drew the short straws?

Those guys! hahaha

(I may have tried the bed sheet parachute…)

This thread was on my mind a lot today - enough for me to move my fire extinguisher over to the MPCNC. It’s not very good for the chainsaw stuff anyway - if there’s sawdust around the LAST thing you use is a fire extinguisher. Water is the best course of action so you don’t billow a cloud of sawdust that is liable to spontaneously combust.

Camera came today. Almost plug n play. It sure is nice to not have to open and close the door so much. It’s only a matter of time before my wife clues in that the house is particularly more dusty than usual. Hahaha

“literally never leave it alone and have a fire extinguisher nearby”


simple enough!