Just started my project

I just started building on my mpcnc. I’m hoping to have a 36x36 work space (unless yall tell me it’s a bad idea). I made my table with what I had available ad that was a rolling cart. My questions are is that going to be stable? Is 36x36 to big or I won’t have any issues?


Size and capabilities all has to do with your intended material. 36" is fine for plastic and wood. Anything more and you will need some experience dialing in your CAM. Smaller is easier, but that is a fairly manageable size. I tend to make mine with a 20x24" footprint and that does most of the stuff I like…but I do have a2’x4’ lowrider for larger stuff. Benefits of being the head designer.


True statement on the head designer, while assembling the parts to my mind was blown on the engineering that has gone into the parts. I wanted the large space to cut Christmas decorations for our yard (that is if i can even figure out the electronics side of the build)
My plan was to break up the whole stand up into several smaller ones and stitch them together.

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For longer stuff you can you positioning pins to just keep moving it down, or like you are saying make it in to pieces. Shoot, sounds like you need a lowrider as well :wink:

Ha ha let me ask my wife, ok she said “NO!!!”