Katsu router speeds - For information


I’ve measured the RPMS’s of my Katsu router using an optical tachometer. It might be useful for other people to know what they are.

The Katsu router has a six notch wheel on the top and resembles the Makita RT0700C in dimensions and colour. It is NOT a Makita inside.

  • Speed 1 - 20,500rpm
  • Speed 2 - 22,200rpm
  • Speed 3 - 25,200rpm
  • Speed 4 - 30,500rpm
  • Speed 5 - 34,100rpm
  • Speed 6 - 36,000rpm

These speeds were taken a couple of times with no load and I simple averaged them out.

I have no idea if these are representative and can’t validate that the tachometer is accurate as I have nothing else I can test against. Other people have reported a top speed of only 27K RPM and a lower speed of 10K which seems very different.

If anybody has any easy ways to validate this, happy to listen.



Some routers have speed controls in them, but usually those knobs are really controlling the power. Ultimately, the speeds will change a lot when they are loaded. I don’t know about katsu specifically though. The brushless routers specifically usually are speed control and the brushed are power control.

No idea what the Katsu is but I would suspect it’s a brushed one based on the price.