Kayak Rebuild


I got this. That is wood. :+1:

My first thought was chair. But it isn’t symmetric, and the dimensions seem like they might be like a 123 block. So my final answer is some kind of clamp. :clamp:


Mahogany plywood to be precise.

Far too nice to be clamps then…

Kayak seats?


Close :slight_smile:

A chisel and a hammer?..

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hard covers for kayak ?

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Pizza Paddles - for small & large. If it was me, I would make the handles a bit longer.

I would also let them bake a bit longer so you don’t need the hammer & chisel to get them off the paddle :slight_smile:

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So easy, his and her’s ping pong paddles.


Ding Ding Ding

Just dug out a kayak that I built 25 years ago and decided to restore it after some poor storage for a long time.

The varnish was a total loss but it’s still structurally ok so I’ll see how it turns out.

The hatches on the other hand were shot:

Luckily I still had printed plans for the parts and a slight improvement of tools since last time:


There is no way they were shot… not a single hole in either one…


Different kinda shot.


Beautiful kayak btw

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Here are some vintage pics.

I watched a lot of this boat as it was getting cut by a mystical machine called a cnc at clboats which is near my house. I had never heard of one before back in 97’


Take a fallen tree and suspend an LR3 over it to carve out the kayak from scratch. That would be something.

I think that would be called a surfboard with the LR3’s Z travel.


They call them stand up paddle boards now.

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