Keeping paint from sticking to PLA

This is kinda the opposite of what all the tutorials on the web focus on…

I recently 3d printed a paint pallet. I plan on using it with acrylic paints to teach my son how to build plastic models.

I don’t want the acrylic to stick to the pallet, so I’m trying to figure out what to use. I’m thinking I can just polish the plastic using a car wax/polish.

Any other ideas from my friends on the forum?

Print a pallet mold, then cast in silicone. Actually, wonder if acrylic paint sticks to flex seal?

Oh! That’s a good idea. I have some of that in a can somewhere. I can test it on something.

Another thing to try if that doesn’t work. “Paint” the trays with a thin layer of clear silicone caulk. Hell, we could be overthinking this and a few layers of polyurethane would work. ?‍♂️

It looks like I could spray it with a clear acrylic varnish. Once it’s dry, it’s supposed to be super hard and impervious to other liquids.

I have a couple of things to try now. Probably won’t be until this weekend before I can get to any of them.

I’ve already printed a paint tray that I designed:

Acrylic pretty much always sticks to acrylic. Maybe not particularly well, but it does. So just a varnish wouldn’t do. However, if you get it extremely smooth you wouldn’t even need it. But we are talking almost mirror polished (if it were metal).

I think the silicone idea is the easiest and quickest. Either casting or just covering the pallet with it.

The casting in silicone keeps popping up. I’ve never done this. Does someone have a good tutorial on how to turn my 3d print into silicone?

Oh. I guess I just need to recreate my paint pallet as a negative. Then pour the silicone over it. Instead of the silicone being a mold, it will end up being my finished part.

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Hopefully I don’t disappoint anyone… My wife reminded me that paint pallets are 5 for $1 at the dollar store…

Maybe I’ll get around to testing something in the future.

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Tell her that the dollar store just isn’t as much FUN! :slight_smile: