KIT PROBLEM - One of the pulleys from my kit was drilled off center

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Hey I wanted to let vicious know about a machining problem on one of the gt2 pulleys. As you can see from the photo, it was drilled off center. This induced a wobble in the machines action and is making things weird. This might be a fluke but I wanted to let vicious know there may be an issue with some of your other kits.

Vicious, do you feel like sending another one? I could also get one off of amazon really cheaply, no problem.

My address is Forrest, 588 Mountain Shadows Ln, Friday Harbor, Wa, 98250

I can send you a new one no problem, PM me the email address you used in paypal, easiest way to print a label for me.

Are you sure its off center? The end you showed in the picture is the stamped end and is usally kinda funky looking, that is how the retaining ring is held on, the other end is the drilled end.

Hmm, well I’m sure something is up because there is a terrific wobble in the rotation of the pulley. It’s like that on both sides. Sure, I’ll shoot you a PM of my email. Thank you very, very much for the support.