Knock offs aren't just for electronics anymore, dust deputy

Hmmm, might have to give it a shot when it’s back in stock. That sticker is what sold me, gold…classy.

I have one of those with the same blingy sticker? It works great. They don’t come with vac hose adapters but you can whip up a pair here…

Parametric Dust Collector Adapter found on #Thingiverse

Ah ha, I think that is the difference then. There is another for a few dollars more and some clamps and adapters…

Now forgive me for my ignorance here but. That cone goes on top of a 5 gallon bucket. That set up then goes inline between your vacuum and whatever you need the vacuum for and it traps the dust in the bucket? What are the advantages?

Mainly that it keeps your vacuum filter clean. You empty the bucket, rather than the shop vac. I dont have this exact one (rather a thien baffle I made on my MPCNC) but I am amazed to this day how efficiently it catches the fine debris and keeps my shop vac / filter clean.

Even in the short run, emptying a bucket is cheaper than replacing a filter. You still have to empty, whether it’s a bucket or the vacuum, but the filter will last much, much longer if it doesn’t have to deal with all that dust.

I have a Dust Deputy and it works well to collect most of the dust. The biggest challenge is sealing the bucket . If it is not perfect more of the fine dust makes it way to the filter. Even with that said it is a great option when you are making a huge mess. I mostly use mine when I am sanding drywall. I have a sanding block that has a vacuum hookup and the DD really reduces the number of times I have to clean the filter.

I use a similar set up… but apparently more primitive. 5 gallon bucket with two holes in the top. Line in from my drywall sander and line out to the shop vac. The bucket has a few inches of water to catch the dust. I didn’t think there was a better way.

I used to have a purpose made drywall sanding bucket attachment. The hose from the sanding block went all the way into the water. When you fired up the shop vac it would bubble something fierce, but if you only fill the bucket half way, it worked great. Almost none of the dust came out of the bucket that way. I did two rooms one weekend and didn’t have the change the filter. Had to change the bucket water a few times though. After a wall and a half you’d have a bucket of sludge to get rid of.

I have made the template in case anyone wants it for the original Dust Deputy. I imported it into estlecam and my MPCNC did the work.

Its here

Import it as Inch

Good Luck!

PS I really love my MPCNC one of the best things I have ever made!!

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I made a plywood top for my bucket. Eventually the bucket lid will fail.