Laser Advice on materials and Tool Mount

I have ordered the3.8 Watt from J tech

I was wondering if any one has 3D printed out a good tool mount?

I want to engrave on mirrors does anyone have a good source for mirror that work well at a reasonable price?

Thanks for any help Renz

Did you read @Jason’s Laser Engraving post: . He would be the one to ask about mirrors and such. Haven’t seen him around recently, so you might have to ping him.

Will ping I have indeed read that thread many times. But no specifics on those 2 questions thanks for the info i appreciate it I need all the help I can LOL

Can any one tell me if this Laser tool mount will fit on the new Gantry tool mount the curved one?

This is the one is the the mount on thingiverse

Or maybe there is no way to quick change between the Laser and the Dewalt 660?

Edit screwed up the links

That will not fit, the current mounts usually have 525 in the title or description.

I printed out this one from thingiverse

I really like the laser sights to help with placement, and it works with the stock mount.

I really like one especially running the small diodes on a CR2032 Battery! Thanks