Laser cut steel MP3DPv2

See link for pics. Just about done with it, trading a guy a commercial slushie machine for it haha but now I want one for myself. Im pondering making a 300 x 300 one for myself now.

Thanks again Ryan for an awesome design, super simple, easy to build and works great. Prints have been coming off flawless at pretty dang good speeds too.

I went with 11ga mild steel for the frame and .090" AL for the Heffe plate and speed plate, I was going to paint it but figured the metal look goes nice.


I like it!

Darrell, you didn’t use a laser setup on a MPCNC to cut the steel and Aluminum did you?

Yeah I am still stuck on “laser cut steel”. How?

He had them cut on a big laser. Have a client that has a half dozen Trumpf lasers. Pretty neat being able to see the laser tube inside.