Laser engraving on 3D shape, any idea ??

Hi everybody, does somebody knows how to draw or engrave on a shape. My idea is to create a custom 3D shape made of wood with Estlcam (ex : mill a half sphere) and engrave something on it with my laser (following the shape edge), but i don’t know how to create a “drawing” toolpaths in 3D to do that. I know you can do it with Estlcam if you have an arduino grbl, directly in the software but i work with the ramps and marlin, so it is impossible to do that (the cnc router is desactivated in the soft if you use the marlin firmware).

Thanks !!

You don’t really need to do that, the laser has great focus for at least a 10mm range. At least the leo69 laser I am using does. The only down side is you can’t really do a half a sphere, you need a little bit of an angle, or a 4th/5th axis. I actually tested the lased on a surface and used the milled half a doughnut from on one of my first videos, works great, no need to over complicate it.

Ok, i’ll try this for 10mm range, but i would like to work on bigger range like 10-15cm. For the angle you’re right but the half sphere was a bad example, i don’t want to go so far (<45 degrees). If i found i’ll share !!

You would be surprised how far the laser will focus. Try it before you worry about the gcode complications, gives another reason to play with your machine. just set the perfect focus at half your cut height and then you will get a nice ± range.

I think I will be doing this for my 5 year old shop assistant. I want to mill him a wooden sword and etch in all kinds of designs and his name. I will make a video if I do.

Right cool, eheh, i knew you have assistant, you can’t imagine a such project alone :wink: But ok i’ll try to play with focus for the moment, thanks for your answer !!