Laser pinout for full RAMBO 1.3

Any ideas on what pin to use on a full Rambo 1.3 for a laser? I have read (and reread) the Leo69 document and the “MPCNC 2.8w $100 laser add-on complete” post ant the only thing that comes close is Adam Sowers post experimenting with a mini rambo. The pins for the endstops are different on the full Rambo versus the mini.

Does your laser need 5V or 12V PWM? If 5V you can use pin 5 on the PWM-Ext header, and control it with M42 P5 Sxx in the stock firmware, otherwise I just posted a modified firmware yesterday that enables laser and spindle control (PWM, Enable, and Direction) through M3/M4/M5. I believe 12V control would work through the Fan2 header as well (multiplexed with PWM-Ext4 at 5V) with either firmware but I haven’t tested and don’t know the current limit on the fan transistor.

The wiki pages for the boards have a pinout page, there are tons of pins you can use. By default pin 44 is used for the laser or spindle control. It is located on the motor extension header along with 3 more available pins.

Like mb says you need to figure out if you need 5v or 12v, 12v you just use any open mosfet pins, heaters or fans. There are too many laser options now. There are plenty of available pins though.

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I was going to go with the Banggood laser used in the topic I mentioned in my original post. I apologize for some of the basic questions I ask. I read through the forum posts looking for an answer so I dont have to post the question until my head is spinning. After I post it and get the simple answer I feel foolish for not having found it in the first place.

Don’t feel bad, it is always best to ask if you are unsure. Cheaper and easier than having to replace a laser or control board. What it tells me is I need to update my documentation. That’s all. Teamwork, we both figured something out.