LaserWeb - fully functional Laser Cutter Controller which runs over http

I’ve been messing with this app this morning and its pretty much all inclusive for lasers. It can do DXF, vector, raster imaging (optimized too!) all from the browser.

It was featured on Hackaday a little bit ago ( and that’s where it drew my attention.

I installed it on my raspberry pi which was running Octoprint, and I had some issues at first trying to talk with the RAMPS, but not I believe I have it all settled.

Source here:

Please share all the details especially the issues with the RAMPS coms

Installation was quite straightforward on the raspberry pi, for which I was already running Octoprint. I followed the instructions here:

I did have to change the LaserWeb config.js file to set the baud rate at 250000, instead of the 115200 it was initially set at.

In order to allow LaserWeb access to the RAMPS, first Octoprint needs to be disconnected to the comm port because only one program can have access at a time; easy enough.
Back in LaserWeb, I started the server again [node server.js (not nodejs like the instructions said)] (important note: the connection to the Mega needs to be satisfied before starting the server, as it does not give you the chance to connect to your device after the server is started) and it viewed the port that my Mega/RAMPS was on, but it could not connect properly. I went back into Octoprint and to the terminal tab and clicked on “Advanced options” and “Fake Acknowledgement”. After that Octoprint was automatically disconnected and I refreshed the LaserWeb server and it connected to the RAMPS just fine.

I’m sure the process would go more smoothly if I installed it on a fresh Raspbian image without Octoprint, or a PC connected to the RAMPS board.

Disregard in my previous comment about fixing the comm issues. They are still haunting me >.<

I installed a fresh Jessie Raspbian image on a new card and went through the same setup again, and I am running into the same problems. It finds the port the Mega is on, but doesn’t fully connect to it. On my list is to try stock Marlin among other configurations. I’ll keep my progress updated here.