lateral stop


after I finished my first MPCNC I want to build a Lowrider next. But before I start I have two questions.

  1. The Lowrider Version 1 has two rollers above and two under the table. The version two has only the upper ones. Is there no risk that the hole system will lift up?

  2. There is no lateral guidence, I am afraid the system could shift to the right or the left if the force during the work is to high. I overlook something here?



  1. It’s pretty heavy. It shouldn’t be pushing down hard enough to lift the gantry
  2. Ryan will always say, “It isn’t needed” and he’s smart. Especially about the Low Rider Mechanics. But on my machine, I installed some rails (just some 3/4" wide 3/4" thick pieces of plywood) on the inside of the wheels. The wheels just drive against those rails. Other builds have routed a channel into each end where the wheels would drive. Some machines have the rails separate from the spoil board, so there is a natural rail at the end of the table. I noticed a significant improvement when I added my rails, but it may be that my gantry isn’t quite straight, so it might be moving with some hysteresis that Ryan’s parts don’t have. I would recommend everyone planning out a way to add them later, and then trying it out without them, and then adding them if they are needed. That’s just me being selfish, I want people to share what worked here, so I can try to solve the mystery.