LCD Top Clip

The rendered image of the LowRider 2 shows the LCD on top of the “XZ Main” part. I assume this is by using the “LCD_Top_Clip” part and the case that is on Thingiverse in a separate listing. But I can’t figure out how it is meant to attach. Looking at just the clip part, I assumed one leg just stuck down in to one of the Z pipes. But mocking it up in 3D Building shows it’s too wide for that. Am I missing something?

[attachment file=73289]
[attachment file=73290]
[attachment file=73291]

Zip tie to the Z stepper


What size vacuum hose do I need?

I’m not sure. I tried all of the vacuum hose adapter sizes I had, and when none of them fit I ended up just duct taping it on there. Works pretty well for the moment.

I think it is 1.25" It was the same size on my two vacs that I already have. You can always print an adapter?

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