limmit switch question

I’m using estlcam and been trying to ask Christian for some info but he never answers any of my questions he will talk about something else or just say short words that have nothing to do with my question. Good guy love his work but not enough info…im trying to set up my endstops using the uno board as estlcam pic is below. Its shows pin 13-8 as end stops but one wire only …so one would go to common ground but for end stops are they set up as normally open or normally closed?

I can only assume normally open, easy enough to wire one out and give it a try.

Normally closed is the safest way, that way if a wire fails it will show a triggered endstop so. I take back my previous answer. You gunna have to give it a try.

cant I fry the board if its wrong?

No you are using ground and signal on the end stops, not power. It will either work or be reversed.

ohhh so its just a signal from pins 8-13 thought it was pins with power

Nope, your safe.