Linux CNC Steppers Config

I have a lowrider that runs on Linuxcnc but I don’t think I have all the parameters right for my steppers and drivers. All the parameters are shown in this picture. (The picture is not mine and some of the values are different than my machine)

I don’t know what the leadscrews and pulleys/belts pitch are supposed to be set at. Particularly the in/rev. X and Y should be the same.

All of my hardware was purchased from the V1 shop.

The pulleys should be 16 tooth. This can be easily verified by simply counting them.

The belt is 2mm pitch. So 2mm per tooth * 16 teeth = 32mm per rev for both X and Y axes.

I think the 4 start lead screw Ryan sells is 8mm pitch, so the Z axis is 8mm per rev.

So X and Y are 1.259842519685039" per rev
And Z is 0.326530612244898‬" per rev
In imperial. Correct?

The X and Y look right, but I get 0.31496" for the Z.

Math error on my part. Thanks Pete.