It would be nice if people would post where they live.

I love in Colorado, USA.

San Diego, CA.

Near Paris, France

Shanghai, China.

And it’s not my face on the avatar, I’m actually French. :slight_smile:

Linz, Austria

Ghent, Belgium

Haarlem, The Netherlands

(near) Peoria, Illinois USA

Salinas Calif.

The Dalles, Oregon USA at the east end of the Columbia River Gorge.

37° 46’ 26.2992’’ N, 122° 25’ 52.6692’’ W

Al, I was hoping it would be some Google satellite image of a oil rig or something.

@Barry, that’s not home, that’s localhost.

Localhost is home!

Northern Virginia

Phoenix, Arizona. Where we wear shorts on Christmas.

Central Texas, where we usually wear shorts on Christmas.

Wisconsin where we wear a swimsuit on new years and take a dip in the lake -6 F :frowning: