Looking for wall mounted LowRider2 table ideas

I just got my kit, but I have not really given much though about the table design. So my goal is to build either a wooden torsion box or possibly weld something out of metal to support a 4’ x 8’ sheet. But do to my limited garage space I would like something light and strong that could be folder up against the wall when not in use.

Since i’m assuming some of you guys have already built something exactly like this, I thought I’d ask the brain trust first for ideas, issues you faced, photos or design of your similar builds.

Also a a side topic I was thinking about using metal framing studs for the travel rails since they should be completely flat.

Anyways any advise or feedback on the foldable table and metal rails would be much appreciated.

this is the closest thing im guessing…




Ned this idea also looked interesting to me but modified for the lowrider2 and made out of wood. But I really like how close the one you sent as it is super close to the wall.

OK. Seeing the winch video made me want one… Hmmm.

I’m in the same boat, so I’ll definitely post up what I decide. I’m doing a complete garage overhaul, for that, I’m also swapping the 18" * 18" (workarea) MPCNC for a large-format LRv2. Space is limited, so I’m either going to metal-frame and wall mount (with a slide down system), or combine the tablesaw cart into a metal LRv2 cart (since the fence can be removed and the blade can be lowered past zero quickly). I never use them at the same time.

Either way, it’ll involve some welding. I’ll likely use 2" * 1" 0.65" A513 Rectangular Tube because it’s so cheap locally ($20 for 20ft).

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Greg’s build raised the bar… (thank you thank you, I’m here all week) pretty high for everyone here to follow.

Would the Low Rider function in a vertical position? That would simplify things from a design perspective.

No, the Low Rider pretty much depends on gravity to hold the sides in place. Moving it from horizontal would require an extensive redesign.

That would complicate the build quite a bit. Now you have to figure out a way to counterbalance the router without making a pendulum that will be swinging around causing positional errors, and not add too much weight that the machine has to lug around as well.

Hi Guys, I saw the question about a wall mounted unit. I had the same issue here in Vegas. We really dont have the space like we do in the mid-West. Meaning in the mid-West a majority of homes have full 8’ basements. So I will post a few pics to show what I did a few years ago to help give you all an idea. Keep in mind this was my first ever real welding project also. I did this all with Harbor Freight Special. I have RA so I gave up on finishing most of the joints. It didnt come out very square. I was off almost 2 degrees. That really upset me. lol. Now I will figure out how to include these pics. Enjoy!

This pic shows the legs that kick out and the pivot for the table on the stand. The table sits high at around 48 ± inches high.

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