Looks like my XYZ-Burly isn't exactly 90°

I’m sarted to assemble my 23.5mm MPCNC, most of the parts I printed end of last year on a new Ender3 pro. When I measured the squareness of the assembly it"s almost 1° out. So I tried to toy around a bit with the tension bolts A;B & C with no success.
I have meanwhile also build another 25mm MPCNC in my other home without any issues regarding squareness, those parts I printed with an MP3DP. So I have something to compare.

As I did not really realized what is causing the issue, I started to check the XYZ-BURLY, and look there, it seems I found the culprit. The Z-axis seems also to move harder than on my other build, no wonder if the XYZ-BURLY squeeze it more than it should.

At the moment I just plan on using it anyway. Question is, could it make sense to put some shims where the XY-BURLY is bolted to the XYZ-BURLY’ 4 points?
I brought the same board from my other home, so I plan to run it on dual Endstops, but to square it with the stepper will need to much force in my opinion causing more troubles than doing good.
Any opinions on that matter?

Did you triple-check the squareness of your printers? My experience with semi-preassembled kits is: Check, take them apart where necessary (100% here), reassemble, print squared.

Chinese eye-measure may be fine, but not fine enough if it depends.

Good luck! (as in luck-biscuit)


_ Chattermark

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I set it up as good as possible, I remember even to reversed the Z-axis gantry to get a better fit. But ok I’ll check that bloody printer again.
I used to put 35 tons within a 0.25mm tolerance, I thought the bloody printer is easy.
Amazing enough that I get better results with the self build MP3DP than a Ender3pro.

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Also check for loose fittings and bearings - the printer may be squared in idle mode, but bend under the slightest load. BTDT.

Why not just reprint that part on the mp3dp?

Well the Printer is still the same. I might have to sleep a night or two over it.
I’ll take of the Z-axis to get a better measure.
I really doubt it’s a slicer issue, I used Cura back than, I guess you can blame a slicer for many things but not squareness.
I don’t plan to do precision parts on that build anyway, so slightly out of square nobody will notice anyways.
I’m more planning on testing other 32 bit boards and drivers with this build.

Well, problem solved itself, don’t ask me how. Once I bolted everything down and tightening up everything it came out perfectly square. Don’t ask me how, but I think one member reported pretty much the same thing.

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