Loss Step

Nope, after the mattercontrol tablet, and various octopi, I just use real laptops with real operating systems.

affixed to a laptop is the best choice … I’ll print a bracket and put him alongside and fine :slight_smile:
Thanks for your suggestions.

Today I make the cut test with RC7 fw

Testing complete.

The firmware works well and the steps are correct … the only problem is that I still lose steps …

I will try to increase the vref over 0.70 to see if that resolves

What speeds are you using for moves and for rapids?

What software, and what version of that software.

Right now, just to try it in a short time I set both Estlcam that RepetierHost as your guide here on the forum …
Same values, all in mm minute and the cutting speed is 10mm (which is also little to the plywood panel that’m cutting …)

What version of estlcam what actual speeds are you using for movements and for rapids. Does it skips steps when it is not cutting using the same gcode?

It loses steps in both tests I did (50mm diameter circle, and square 50x50mm)
Soon the screen instead of the last values that I tried as settaggi…perchè then I modified them to figure out what was wrong …

Using the latest beta version of Estlcam

Rapids set like this?

hi Ryan, I did more tests and it seems that does not lose steps if Estlcam put speed as 1000 instead of 2000 in the section hi speed xy. But lauch cut size 50x50 = 49x49mm … so the steps or for some reason are less or the tip is 2mm in diameter as they claim on the package (China) :slight_smile: