Low height MPCNC table

Greetings everyone,

I’ve been planning to build a MPCNC for a while now, but real life has been interrupting my plans so far.

I’ve been thinking about the build size and where I would put it in my (relatively) small workshop.
Basically, I have 2 options:

  • either build an MPCNC with a small build size (think 300mm x 300mm)
  • or build a larger MPCNC on a low table I can slide beneath my desk and take out when needed

Does anyone have experience with putting an MPCNC on a low table?

If my MPCNC has a Z-axis work height of 100mm, the height of the Z-axis will be 100mm + 190mm + 50mm (approx. length of the stepper motor) = 340mm
And if my desk is 750mm above the ground, the MPCNC table can have a height of 410mm max.

So would this be a feasible idea or not?
I can’t seem to find any major drawbacks (apart from having to work on your knees) but maybe I am missing something…

I can’t see what would be a problem with a short table. Mine is about the height of the folding chair I sit in when running it. If you mean you want to run it under the desk I could see that being annoying but I suppose it would work.

I had planned on stacking mine up so I think it would work. I decided not to because I will be making them different sizes.

My leg height is 18" so that it will fit under the stairs behind my desk. 2’x2’ Table. Just found that there are settings in Fusion 360 to easily break your toolpaths into chunks in order to machine longer parts, which I will be doing first thing.