Low Rider 49 x 97

Just wanted to show our progress on our new Low Rider. We bought the parts kit and LCD board from Ryan. I would highly, highly recommend buying these parts directly from V1 if you are going to build a machine. We printed all the parts in house using PLA at 35% infill. A few hours trouble shooting and learning Estlcam and we were up and running.


The smoke makes me cringe, hopefully you safely learned something there and it was not a total disaster.

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‘vape’ smoke or ‘uh-oh’ smoke?



Sure did Ryan, learned of the checkbox in Repetier that turns motor power off at the end of a cut. Thanks again for helping find that issue.

Was more like WTF and oh S**T smoke :slight_smile:


does it run over the two boards with out a step?

Not sure I understand what you’re asking. Can you elaborate?

I think he is asking that since your table top seems to be made up of at least 2 sheets/pieces, does the seam cause a bump or step in your project when the gantry crosses over the seam. I stepped in to clarify because I’d also like to know. Thanks.

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Brain that is exactly what i was going for thank you

I have noticed not step when it’s going from one MDF board to the other. I have them screwed down very tight and they are flush where the Y-axis wheels roll over the seam.

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