Low rider sag

I was trying to get my low rider side to side as level as possible. I ran a dial indicator back and forth and got it down to about .008 from one side to the other. I need to get a better way to adjust my Z limit switches to get this any better. I noticed there was some sag in the middle as well about .005. My lowrider is 34" wide. Is that a normal amount?

You’re complaining about less than most people’s print layers? What size tubes?

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What are you using the machine for? .005" across a 34" span with a machine that has plastic hardware seems pretty stellar to me

1inch tubes .

No complaints here. I am happy with everything so far. I was just wondering what is normal.

I plan on using it for wood working stuff, drag knife and who knows what.

I’m actually surprised the tubes are that straight. I wouldn’t worry about it.


You can adjust your ends stops with M666 I believe so you can fine tune it side to side but not the sag. Your sag seems really good.

My 2 sides are currently 1.2mm off I just use the M666 to set an offset rather than mess with the stops.

Ah I didn’t realize/think that there were different offsets for each Z that will make things so much easier to do!