LowRider 2 documentation issue

not a big deal as it’s very obvious, but (unless blind) this pic doesnt have a label for the YZ Roller M assm (6)
This may already be known? but thought i’d share anyway :slight_smile:


edit :: as a second note, theres no breakdown of those assemblies? still easy to figure out what the parts are called to print them, but all the others appear to have breakdowns with STL part names

I kind of add them as needed. You can tell I had had a million questions about the zipties, and this is the first about those assemblies. If I open up those drawings for any reason I will edit them next time.

There still is no assembly exploded view for the YZ Roller Assembly or the Z Roller Assembly on the assembly page: https://docs.v1engineering.com/lowrider/ Is there any chance that it can get uploaded? Thank you.