LowRider 2 Endstops

Im trying to set up endstops on my Z axis and need some help. Im running a rambo board with Ryans dual end stop firmware. I really only need the endstops on the Z as when i built my able my 3/4" MDF is on top so when the lowrider goes all the way down it sits on top of the spoil board before hittng the hard stops on the y plates. i would much rather set up the end stops as i already have all of that vs modifying my table. Can anyone help me with where z2 needs to plug in on the rambo board an what changes i need to make in the firmware. i see an option on the lcd to just home z so im hoping i can just set those up for now. if i feel i need the x and y later i can mess with that then. that being said if i need to do them all now i will. Thanks!!!

A couple of things:

You are talking dual endstops, right? But your Z can’t settle on its own, so it hits the spoil board first. So do you want to home up? You don’t want the gantry laying on the endstops when it if off (having them touch is probably ok, but having it rest all the weight on the endstops is going to break them).

So I am assuming you will want to use dual endstops on Z and home to zmax. So you need to change:

Z_HOME_DIR to +1 so it homes up.

For whatever reason, you can’t use the two Z endstop pins if you are homing up. So Z1 will be Zmax, and you need to change Z2 to be something else. In configuration_adv.h in the dual motor section, change the dual endstop z pin to be xmax, then use that for Z2.

Yes Dual endstops on Z axis. Im ok with homing up as long as it will work.

Will going this route allow me to add a touch plate later for z min? I bought a plate with my setup but havent messed with it yet as i thought i wouldnt be able to use it with the endstops.

Thanks for all your help! going to look at the firmware now!

No, but neither will homing to min. Dual Z endstops breaks the touchplate functionality. There is some configuration that will let you do G38 probes for Z, but I don’t know how that will end up with a good Z offset. I remember a good thread about it, but I can’t put my finger on it.

No big deal. Was just wishful thinking. Im not having any issues getting a good zero on my work so far.

Ok…made the changes to the firmware like you said. Hooked up z1 endstop to zmax and z2 to xmax. changed the z home to +1. when i tried to home z it moves down for just a second then stops. so i sent a M119 command and got this…

Recv: Reporting endstop status
Recv: x_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: x_max: TRIGGERED
Recv: y_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: y2_min: TRIGGERED
Recv: z_min: open
Recv: z_max: TRIGGERED
Recv: ok

i have tried it with the end stops wired normally close and normally open. i have them put to S and - on the rambo. What am i missing??


Hmmm. Can you post you config, and config_adv files?

I expected a Z2 in that list, not an Xmax

let me see if i can figure out how to do that. just copy and paste the text?

Marlin.zip (60.0 KB)

ok i think i got it…let me know

Aha. Yep.

  //#define Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS

This needs to be uncommented. to use dual endstops on Z. Configuration_adv.h:445

You sir are a lifesaver. i have looked at that 100 times and never saw it. Also learned that i had my endstops wired backwords. they need to be normally closed not normally open. switched that around and sent the M119 and they showed up correct. Went to custom commands on the LCD and homed Z and she went up and worked!!! SO EXCITED!!! Thank you so much for the help!!!


Great! I work in C++ and I use an editor with syntax highlighting, so it grays out lines that are commented out like that. Otherwise, I would never notice. Glad it is working.

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Hello Jeffeb3, Im from Argentina and im doing a lowrider 2. Firs of all thanks Ryan and you and the members of the forum becouse is very esay with so much information. Ok,
I want to use dual end stop on Y and Z and I’m not too good at correcting the configuration.h setting. Is there any firmware for lowrider that I can download using dual endstop for Y and Z? In any case, could you guide me what should I change in configuracion.h and Configuration_adv.h? Thank you so much

Me again, Lukas gives me his firmware so I think I will change speeds and bed size and trying with Lukas firmware becouse is almost the same board with dual endstops in Y and Z.

Running into a similar problem. I recently built my lowrider 2 (awesome so far, fun build); motors w/ serial and no endstops. I’m rewiring it for individual motors and endstops on Z and the axis that the wheels run on.
I’m running:

FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin 513DL (Jan 7 2022 16:11:42) SOURCE_CODE_URL:github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 MACHINE_TYPE:V1CNC 513DL EXTRUDER_COUNT:0 UUID:cede2a2f-41a2-4748-9b12-c55c62f367ff

I’d like to Home Z in the maximum direction to make sure the gantry is parallel and also home the axis that runs along the wheels. No matter what I do one side seems to always be slightly lower; like 1-2mm.

A couple questions:

  1. Is #define Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS in the answer now replaced with #define Z_MULTI_ENDSTOPS in the latest firmware?

  2. What direction is the firmware defaulted to homing Z? It appears to be to be in the Max direction; which I think is what I want. I see this in Configuration.h:
    #define Z_HOME_DIR +1 // -1

  3. Which axis do people typically set up as the one that runs along the wheels? From what I’m observing the firmware is setup to make that the “Y” axis

  4. The diagrams on the rambo board show X1, Y1, Z, E0 (X2), E1 (Y2). I’m confused as why it isn’t labeled X1, Y1, Z, E0 = Y2, E1 = Z2. We need two Z motors, not two Xs

  5. Last question for now, I am using Pronterface to move the LR2, which I have working with the following motor mapping: X1 = X, Y1 = Y1, Z = Z1, E0 = Y2, E1 = Z2. All motors worked together and moved in the correct direction. I attempted to use the Home Y (wheel axis) and it started driving the Z motors down. At this point I figured it was time to post a question.

I guess the more basic question is I’m confused as to what the default behavior of the dual endstop firmware is. Is it set up for Z Probe or the dual endstops in the max direction?

I’m running on an SKR Pro 1.2.Up. You are correct there. The Z home direction is up, so you use the G38.2 for using the probe.

  1. Sounds right. I’m running straight from the .bin file, so haven’t looked at the code too closely.

  2. You are correct, it is up. The Z probe does not use the home command, it uses the G38.2 probe command instead. This also allows probing in X and Y, AFAIK. I have the Z probe set up on my LR, but actually don’t use it often at all.(I use it all the time onthe Primo though.)

  3. It is nominally the Y axis, with X being the single motor that runs along the rails. Some people have reversed this, but that’s the nominal orientation.

  4. That’s for the Primo, which has 2 X motors, and 2 Y motors and 1 Z motor.

  5. Weird…

The dual endstop firmware assumes that home is up. Or at least mine does on the SKR Pro. The Z probe is configured to use the G38.2 probe command, not home. It does change the workflow a bit, but there’s no way to level the machine from the Z probe.