LowRider 2 Folding Table

I need to build a table for my LowRider. I haven’t quite figured out what I would like to build for a table. Somewhere on here I came across this “folding workbench for workshop” table. I like the fact that you can fold it up and put it away.

Can the LowRider 2 be stored in the vertical position? I’m thinking I could have two dowels to rest it on and secure it with a strap or something.

[attachment file=73724]



The LR2 would need some sort of clamp or something but other than that it should be okay.


Start of my LowRider folding table. Glued the bottom 2x6’s together and added some wheels.

[attachment file=74531]

[attachment file=74532]

Looks like what I am planning, using the same sketch as my initial starting point. Your woodwork is much nicer than mine, still, it should hold up to a bit of use/abuse.

Thanks. I need to hurry up and finish it. I haven’t gotten much more done since that picture besides cutting some of the lumber.

Nice design!

I’m thinking of a similar concept but with steel.

I was originally targeting having the table usually at 1250 length, but then expand out to be 2500 length.

But this is also a good idea … will have to sleep on it :slight_smile:


How did this work out?

Looking to do something very similar with a 48x66 table

What is the function of the lower platform piece? Bracing for the legs?


Interesting concept… I’m following along here as I need to start my table build.
I like the idea of fold away but am also interested in a quick disconnect system to remove the LR2 from the table. I’m thinking along the lines of a 3D printed latch that locks each belt end stop to the table. I’m also interested the folding mechanic of some table tennis tables

Here’s mine


The table looks amazing. I think I need to do that just so I stop setting, stacking things on mine all the time.

…but now I need to put my logo on the wall. That Tesla one looks great!


If only you had a cnc machine that could cut out a sign…


Love this table and had something similar in mind for a long overdue lowrider build. You don’t happen to have any plans for that table do you? I’m especially curious what size you used for the folding brackets and whether you’ve found it to be stable enough.

Hi Michael,

I don’t have plans but the base is 2"x4" - 36" x 48" sat on casters, the 36"s are sat on the 48"s you can see that in the pics, the 2 legs are 4"x4" sat on the 36" in the center, these are 26" long, there is another 2"×4" running between the legs, each leg has a 2"×4" support at the back these are 18" long. For the table I used full sheet 1/2" MDF on the bottom then picture framed that with 2"×4" then put 2"×4" width ways 16" between centers another sheet on top (its heavy).

This is extremely helpful. Is there anything you’d do differently if you were to do it again? Do you think the table is stable enough for uses beyond the lowrider?

I don’t think I would change anything, the table is strong enough to put other items on, not sure what your thinking of though.

i just completed my folding table … thought it might be of interest to you.


That looks great! Do you feel like having the pivot supports centered in the base is necessary or could you reduce the size of the “under table” part of the base to get the folded footprint smaller?

How are you holding the lr2 to the table when it’s stowed?

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I feel you could easily reduce the pivot to base length… but you’d need to do some calculations in advance before making the cuts. I wanted a large base box for storage purposes of tools etc… My vac fits in it as well. Regarding securing the LR2 - I have drilled two holes through the table, one at each end of the X axis tubes. A long bolt passes through a piece of ply that pushes against each tube holding it securely to the table. I have a couple of wing nuts under the table to do it up hand tight so not too mcuh pressure is applied to the tubes as I not want to go bending them.

The under table shelf I don’t really like as it hinders the possibility of mounting a table saw beneath the table which I’d really like to explore. Having said that the problem then arises of having the table saw poistioned very high up when the table is stored in its vertical position which is unsafe.
note: I’ll post a few pix in my build post of my current setup.

Thanks, looking at this I know how I am going to do mine!

Great design. How about making the table saw “drop-in”. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2JI1DNwIro