Lowrider 3 from Norway

So it begins…

Need to reprint a couple of pieces that warped during printing. Bought a new printer for this project but printed a few pieces on my old flashforge finder 2 which I shouldn’t have done.

Plan is to build a large lowrider 3 with a 1220x2440mm work area.

Next in the project is to build a torsion box for the table


Norways first lowrider 3? I might think so! Where in Norway are you based?


Ooooooh first! :laughing: I live at Fannrem, about 50 minutes south-west of Trondheim, close to Orkanger.


Be careful, he’ll try to convert you, and then you’ll be troll-food! :latin_cross: :troll: :clown_face:

Sorry, flashback to Trollhunter:laughing:


I have an automated baptism machine, spraying water and reciting the necessary words to ensure a valid ritual. Just be careful! (I’m looking at you @kvcummins , we DO have airports on the north pole)

@Svanemsli a while back I found another trønder at the forum. I saw his car licence plate in a build pic and asked if he was from northern Trøndelag. Turned out he is a friend of my brother, living in Levanger! The world is really small. We had actually played PUBG earlier, not remembering when meeting up here :smiley: I actually got to visit him even, this summer, when staying at my brothers. Shoutout to @mberg86 , nice to meet you! (And yes, he’s got a really nice shop!)


Lol, the world is indeed very small at times :slightly_smiling_face:

Managed some progress on the project the last couple of days. Now I need to get the table for it finished before I get any further I think. But it’s looking good so far.

I have followed best practice and moved it around while making robot noises, have not found a suitable neighbor to brag to yet, however my better half has gotten her fair share.


It´s a beast!


hello, another Trønder i hear:D


Trønder indeed :slightly_smiling_face:

Quite a bit of progress the last couple of days. Finally got the table built and put on it´s legs. Which was a pain.

Mounted the rails, belts and electronics today, moved it about a bit, and encountered some problems with it only wanting to move one of the two Y-axis motors so a bit of fiddling will ensue.



A rats nest of cables still, but it homes beautifully and should in theory be ready to make its first cut very soon.

Quite exited.

And it’s a very good looking machine :blush:


After some trials an tribulations, I finally managed to get it to take the commands I was sending it and managed to carve a crown. Now on to struts.

I carved with a bit to large endmill, so any artefacts in the carving is my fault. Dust collection worked as well, not flawlessly, but way better than not having any.