Lowrider Printed Parts + Misc ( Pay It Forward )

What I have here is the J set for lowrider. I do not recall when I printed these but I know for the V2 I never used the parts. I did start with the V1 and those plates are in the back of the photos. Not sure anyone would want those but I am trying to clean up the misc stuff I am just not using.

I am in SW Minnesota so anyone in the surrounding area is welcome to them. I will ship them too but you’ll need to cover the cost of shipping. Otherwise they are free to whom every wants them.

I don’t want to just throw them so hopefully someone here could find a use for them some how.

If you need the flat parts I can cut them out. I do believe there are two 611 plates one is plexi from the V1 and one out of 1/4 ABS plastic. I do not have the Y plates but could certainly cut them and ship them along with this. Again if you are local or near by it would make it easier and I do have the stainless pipe but that is not something I will ship, I could if you want to pay for it but might be really expensive.


The closer I look this is a mix of V1 and V2 Lowrider. I will separate the two and I am not sure who would want the V1. I will cut the side plates and throw them as well. Also from the vast array of misc stuff I should be able to provide all of the bearings too. I also have the two lead screws but not the nuts.

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Been out of the game for a long time. What does the J mean for the parts? Very interested in these including flats if they are available.

There are two versions based upon the pipe diameter that is used. 25.4mm is 1" and that is what the J version is. Those are the parts I have.

25.4mm version ( J Version )

Thingiverse Link

25mm version ( F Version )

Thingiverse Link

Ahhh that works. My 1" stainless is still all wrapped up in the garage. Let me know what shipping might be to ohio 43518.

Sure thing. I will cut the flat parts today and then will package up the V2 parts. I am guessing you do not want the misc parts from teh V1.

If the V1 parts are not used in the v2 construction at all they qould not get used here.

I got the flat parts cut and then sorted the V1 and V2 parts. I am thinking I may be able to get it into a USPS large flat rate box but I have to go to the USPS to get some (that will be 26ish I think). If they do not fit then the shipping is going to be about $40 via UPS. Post office is about $60 and I certainly do not understand that. May have to go with two flat rates… we will see… Let me know.

@sentein I was able to get all the V2 parts into a large flat rate USPS.

So let me know if you want these, ideally sooner than later as there are some people on facebook that are next in line if you do not want them.


Yep i would like them. Sorry sick kid been a long couple days. Let me know cost and paypal and i will paypal it to ya with the address.

Sure thing I will send you a DM here with my PP id.