Lowrider v2 For Sale (Santa Fe, NM)

This was another one of my projects that was a great deal of fun to build but sat gathering dust and taking up boatloads of space in my garage after I ran a couple calibration tests using sheets of pink foam. Sadly, it was never used to cut plywood for any of the projects I was considering. It’s time for it to find a new home with somebody who has the space, time and strength to muscle around large sheets of plywood. CNC milling of sheet goods is not a hobby for someone my age (over 70).

Pictures are posted below but here are the salient points:

** vThe machine is mounted on a 112" x 57" torsion box built (overbuilt, I would guess) using 1/2" and 3/4" MDF. This table is very rigid but very heavy and can cut full 4x8 sheets.

** I installed an under-table vacuum hose, power cord and electronics wiring carrier to avoid overhead hoses and cables. It doesn’t need to be used this way and must be removed for transport.

** The power supply and a switch are also mounted under the table but can be relocated. They must be removed for transport.

** I’m including a brand new DeWalt DWP611 router.

** After the first trial runs with the controller in the base design, I decided I wanted to use the same software (Universal Gcode Platform) as my tabletop Carve King CNC machine. This required swapping out the Rambo for an Arduino with a CNC shield (headless). The kit includes the original Rambo (two since I have an extra) as well as the LCD/control panel (with printed case) that rides with the controller.

CAVEAT: You wouldn’t be on this forum if you weren’t a serious hacker and prepared to build your own machine. It works as configured today (with Arduino controller) but it’s been over a year since the build so I probably won’t be much help to someone moving back to the Rambo-based controller. Transporting will require removing everything from the table and reassembling later. Just the same as building, of course, but I want to be clear.

PRICE: I know this may seem odd but I’m willing to sell it cheaper if you take the table which is the real culprit according to my wife. It’s heavy and transporting it requires a pickup with a full-size bed. I’m open to offers since I live in a somewhat remote part of the U.S.

LR2 with table: $150 (pick up only)
LR2 only: $250 (buyer pays shipping costs)

Let me know if you have any questions or need to see more pictures (I can only post one with this topic). We can exchange emails, texts or phone calls if you are interested.



I’m not interested in the LR itself. But I am looking for a board for my mpcnc build if your willing to sell one of those Rambo boards seprate.

Looks like a great build. I hope it finds a good home.

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That’s quite a deal, someone will get lucky for that price.


Hey Gary, I’d be interested in buying your lowrider setup minus the table and toobing. When you can msg me at 541 801 0718. Hopefully we can work something out.

I would also be interested in the LR2 only, if the other buyer doesn’t work out. Would just need to figure out pricing and logistics for delivery to NJ.

Thanks for the interest. Check back in a week. Still hoping to find somebody relatively local who will take the whole setup with the table.


Hi Gary,

Continuing the discussion from Lowrider v2 For Sale (Santa Fe, NM):

Gary, could you send an email to me or call 605 569 6519 I am interested if could
pick up on saturday 11-26


I am in Phoenix and would be interested in purchasing both the table and LR2. I would be available towards the end of next week/weekend to drive up if it’s still on the market.

Thanks for your interest, Warren. Jim is on his way as we speak from South Dakota to pick it up.


Sold. Thanks, Jim.